Active Birth – Workshop for couples

This workshop provides an opportunity for couples to enhance their awareness of, and confidence in pregnancy, labour and birth.

The workshop covers:

  • gentle postures for pregnancy and birth
  • full body breath
  • vocal toning – how to use your voice to ease the intensity of labour
  • relaxation techniques
  • acupressure points
  • discussion around the role of the advocate (how the partner can support the birthing mum)
  • general tips on creating optimum conditions for birth to be as normal and natural as possible

The presence and encouragement of a woman’s partner is a powerful aid to the birthing process. Partners will be encouraged to understand how to support the birthing mother with confidence and sensitivity. This awareness and presence can lessen the requirement for medical interventions. Calm and flexibility ease the birthing process, reducing pain and increasing the joy of giving birth.

Deepen your relationship with yourselves and your unborn child. Beneficial at anytime during your pregnancy as well as for 2nd and 3rd pregnancies too! No previous experience necessary.

This workshop is facilitated by certified yoga teachers Monika Legerska and Linda Curtis. They have been running this workshop for the past eight years.

A quick note to thank you for running a very good workshop. It was empowering, well put together and informational.

  • Two experienced and knowledgeable teachers provided a holistic view to childbirth underpinned by their own experiences.
  • Comprehensive course notes with good photos and instructions, including acupressure points & website links.
  • Perspectives on the mental approach to childbirth, beforehand and during.
  • Generally well structured from start to finish and refreshingly inclusive of the roll of the father.

This has given me additional tools and reshaped my approach to childbirth.  Thank you,  Martin M. 

Cost: $145 per couple includes refreshment and handouts.

Inquiries: or at 027 831 7063

Date: Saturday 16 Feb, 18 May, 21 Sep, 2 Nov 2019

Time: 2.30 – 6.30pm

Location: Centre for Higher Self

Teachers: Monika Legerska and Linda Curtis

Price: $145 per couple includes refreshment and handouts.