Healthy Pelvic Floor 4-week Course

Sundays  29 September Р20 October, 1-2pm

with Sacha Eddington

As women we want to feel strong from the inside but when our insides are telling a different story… shallow breathing, weak abs, prolapse, urinary leaking, muscular tension, sore backs, or simply a kink in the chain somewhere it all has an impact. Often the focus of that impact is at the pelvic floor because it is all connected! In this 4 week course we are going to look at primary aspects which affect our pelvic floor, what you have done in your kinetic chain to make compensations that can be impacting and where to start the healing journey, taking what you learn into every day life. It is as much in the physical healing as it is in the sacredness of healing ourselves that we venture within.

1.Breathwork: with the focus on intra abdominal pressure and the pelvic floor.
2.Pelvic Floor: hypertonic and hypotonic pelvic floor dysfunction, stress and leveraging.
3.Posture: the impact of alignment and posture
4.Kinetic Chain: it’s all connected!

My intention is that you get to know your body, to see what needs to be strengthened, softened, stimulated and released. That you can walk away after the course with a deeper understanding and have the power to heal yourself.

Where: Yoga Centre for HIgher Self, 1 Marion st, Te Aro
When: Sundays, 29 September – 20 October, 1-2pm
Cost: $85, people with 6-12 month unlimited membership get 20% discount