Gentle Somatic Movement with Mayank (Malcolm Reid)

Enhance your Yoga with Brain based Movement

This 2 hour workshop explores Hanna Somatic Movements.
Somatic movements:
• Connect your brain to your muscles, allowing them to lengthen effortlessly and release tension.
• Restore your full range of motion, strength and balance.
• Reduces chronic pain and improves posture and mobility.
• Compliment and enhance your yoga practise and any sporting activities you enjoy.
In this workshop you will also learn powerful neuro-drills to further enhance your performance. Somatics movements are gentle, mindful and accessible to everyone regardless of your idea about your ability.

Good movement equals good health, which means a happier you.

When: Saturday 27 July 3-5pm
Where: Yoga Centre for Higher Self, 1 Marion st., Wellington
Cost: $30
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