Women’s Wisdom

Yoga for perimenopause & menopause

5 weeks on Mondays from 1 April to 6 May 7.15-8.30pm

A course to regulate the hormonal function and strengthen the skeleton for a more graceful transition into the wisdom years.  Restorative yoga practices, meditation and strengthening poses work to ameliorate the discomfort of the menpausal transition. Supportive touch and creative play are incorporated to further enhance a deeper restoration of the emotions and the body.

About the teacher:

“In my late 40s now, have a chronic illness that was triggered through physical duress whilst living in Cambodia and I manage my health through a plant-based diet and a yoga and meditation practice that is supported by a lifestyle of passion and leisure time.
With over 10 years of teaching yoga and training yoga teachers internationally, I’ve been blessed to have taught yoga to many, including vulnerable communities in Cambodia.
My yoga teaching now focusses on yoga for women – yoga for fertility, perimenopause, breast care – and for couples to invigorate intimacy and love through a yoga of supportive touch, sensuality, and deepen understanding and love.” – Rachael Lowe.

When: Mondays, 1 April – 6 May, 7.15-8.30pm

Where: Centre for Higher Self, Level 1, 1 Marion St., Te Aro

Cost: $90