NEW YIN YOGA 6 WEEK COURSE with Amanda Kilby

Starting on Thursday 22 August – 7.15- 8.30 pm

Dive deeper into your yin practice, learning to feel the subtle energy in your body, set and honor intention for practice, and tailor your practice to meet your physical, mental, emotional  and energetic needs. Each class will be sequenced with a different energetic theme in mind, progressively deepening your yin experience.

About Amanda:

I’m originally from the US and have lived in New Zealand since 2012, working as a vet. My partner and I shifted up to Wellington from the South Island late last year. I love to practise and teach yoga and meditation in my free time because it helps me be my authentic self. I teach functional yoga, encouraging students to listen to their bodies, connect to their breath.

When: Thursday starting on 22 August, 7.15-8.30pm

Where: Centre for Higher Self, 1 Marion street

Cost: $108 for 6 weeks + 2 free classes